Rolande believes in reducing the fossil fuel era. We assist shippers and carriers in making the transition to fossil-free road transport. With the most sustainable fuels and a reliable network for heavy road transport.

Sustainable fuel

The cleanest and most economically viable fuel for heavy road transport.

Refuelling stations

For more than 10 years we have been investing in a covering international network of refuelling stations

Fuel card

Easily refuel Bio-LNG, LNG, CNG and HVO with the free Rolande fuel card.

About us

The transport market is continuously changing. Transport can and must be greener, but it also needs to remain profitable, which is why we are striving for the cleanest and most economically viable fuel. We have been investing in a comprehensive international network of LNG refuelling stations for more than ten years.

The transport sector is responsible for a large share of the Co2, NOx and particulate matter emissions. Rolande believes in reducing the fossil age! And with this, we believe LNG is the steppingstone to Bio-LNG. We help organisations to make the switch to fossil-free road transport and together we contribute to a cleaner world for tomorrow.

Discover how your transport can contribute to sustainability goals.

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