Get updates on our Bio-LNG stations

  • ✓ Plan your route
  • ✓ Receive push notifications when a station is out of order or under maintenance 
  • ✓ Get the latest news
  • ✓ See which fuel card you can use to fill up
  • ✓ View instructions on how to refuel safely with Bio-LNG

Rolande frontrunner in clean fuel

Service, accessibility and convenience are important at our Bio-LNG filling stations. The Rolande app allows you to access all the information you need to get on the road quickly in one place. Stay informed and receive a push notification when a station is out of order or under maintenance.   Also, you can easily plan your route to a Rolande station, and check out which fuel cards you can use to fill up. Your own profile means you can easily select the stations for which you want to receive up-to-date information.

plan your route

Plan your route

Easily plan your route to one of our filling stations near you. The Rolande network consists of Rolande filling stations and our partners’ network of LNG filling stations.

stay informed

Stay informed

Stay informed about the status of a station. Is a station out of order or undergoing maintenance? Then you will receive a push notification immediately.

the latest news

The latest news

Would you like to be the first to know when a new station opens or when there are special promotions? You can read it under News.

Which fuel card

Which fuel card?

A fuel card is required at Rolande stations to fill up. Besides the free Rolande fuel card, it is also possible to fill up with other fuel cards. See easily per station which fuel card you can use to fill up.

tank instruction

Tank instruction

Your employer will have provided you, as a driver, with the opportunity to take a training course in order to safely refuel LNG. You will find the basic steps needed to refuel LNG in our app. Are these not sufficient, or would you like to keep your knowledge up-to-date? Then get in touch with us.

Download the app

Get on the road to zero emission today. You can install the Rolande app on your phone by clicking on your app store below.

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Why has Rolande created an app?

We believe good communication with drivers to be essential. The Rolande app allows you to access all the information you need to get on the road quickly in one place.

Where can I download the Rolande app?

 Simply download the app from the Google Play Store on your Android phone or tablet. If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can find the Rolande App in the Apple App Store.

What are the advantages of creating an account?

Creating an account allows you to stay up to date on relevant news and receive push-up notifications from stations of your choice when a station is out of order.

How can I change my details?

You will find an option to change your details in the app, under profile.

What do you do with my data?

We store your user name, email address, password and push filters in our database when you register. This data is secure and is only used for the purposes of the app.

I’d like to make a suggestion or report a problem with the app

No problem! We’d like to continue developing and improving our app. Send an email to communicatie@rolande.nl.