Bio-LNG for sustainable transport

Because we believe in sustainable transport, we have been investing in LNG for road transport since 2009. In light of the Climate Agreement, CO2 tax and the growing environmental awareness of consumers, the pressure on all sectors to become greener is rapidly increasing. Transport can and must be greener, but we also want it to remain affordable, which is why we continue to invest in a comprehensive international LNG network. With our next step, the introduction of Bio-LNG, heavy-duty road transport can make the shift to a greener future by 2030! Available now!

Does your organisation have serious ambitions to achieve a CO2 reduction in transport by 2025 or 2030? Then now is the time to make choices. An excellent and available alternative to the use of diesel is Bio-LNG. The beauty of this is that a blend can, over time, grow with your sustainability objectives!

This is Bio-LNG

Bio-Liquefied Natural Gas is locally produced fuel which is gained from the biogas produced from waste streams such as organic household waste, sludge, manure or agricultural waste. This biogas is upgraded and liquefied into Bio-LNG, consisting of almost 100% methane. By producing fuel from waste, it contributes to a circular economy.

Bio-LNG keten
Advantages of Bio-LNG

Advantages of Bio-LNG

  • Reduces CO2 emissions by up to 200% (from fuel production to emission)
  • Sustainable fuel
  • Creates value from waste
  • Covering network
  • Favorable TCO

The green way or no way

Begin the transition to sustainable transport today. Bio-LNG can be used in any blend composition in existing LNG trucks and retains all the benefits in terms of performance, fuel consumption and noise level that you expect from an LNG truck. For a Bio-LNG blend, a fixed premium is paid on the LNG price. Rolande will be happy to help you create a customised calculation for your fleet. With our CO2 calculator, we can calculate precisely with which blend you can meet your CO2 reduction targets. Both now and in the future.


In the project BIOLNG4EU, which is co-financed by the European CEF programme, we developed the first infrastructure for Bio-LNG in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Bio-LNG truck

Switch to fossil-free road transport and contribute to a cleaner world today