Since 2007, Rolande has been investing in cleaner fuels in order to reduce emissions from road transport. As the market leader in the field of LNG for road transport, we are ready for the next step: the introduction of Bio-LNG. Bio-LNG is a 100% biological fuel made from waste or manure. We are convinced that Bio-LNG is the fuel of the future for long-distance road transport.

The main advantages of Bio-LNG are

  • It is the cleanest fuel suitable for long-distance road transport.
  • It is the only fuel that extracts CO2 from the environment over the life cycle (CO2 positive).
  • Bio-LNG can be produced locally from secondary waste streams (no impact on the food chain)
  • Bio-LNG is 100% compatible with LNG. The available LNG trucks and tank infrastructure can be used for Bio-LNG.
  • (Bio-)LNG trucks have a range that is comparable to diesel trucks.


As part of the BIOLNG4EU project, which is co-financed by the European CEF programme, we will develop the first infrastructure for Bio-LNG in the Netherlands and Belgium. We are investing in two locations where we will produce Bio-LNG, and in four new filling stations where Bio-LNG blends can be refuelled. In collaboration with IVECO, Scania and Volvo, we will conduct a real-life trial with 35 trucks that will be running on Bio-LNG blends. During this trial, we will collect valuable data on the performance and costs of the trucks, the filling stations and the production locations.

We want to use this to show that Bio-LNG is a serious option for greening road transport in the short term. That is why Bio-LNG deserves an important place in the fuel mix for transport!

If you would like to know more about the BIOLNG4EU project, please contact?
Karin Jansen, Business Development Manager Bio Fuels.