In the project BIOLNG4EU, which is co-financed by the European CEF programme, we developed the first infrastructure for Bio-LNG in the Netherlands and Belgium. We are investing in two locations for the production of Bio-LNG and four new refuelling stations for Bio-LNG blends. In collaboration with Scania, IVECO, and Volvo, we are conducting a real-life trial with 35 trucks that will run on Bio-LNG blends. During this trial, we will collect valuable data regarding the performance and costs of the trucks, the refuelling stations, and the production locations.

With these results, we will demonstrate that Bio-LNG is a serious option for greening road transport in the short term. Bio-LNG deserves to hold an important position in the fuel mix for transport!

Latest developments

Stay informed of the latest developments in the BIOLNG4EU project.

The first trucks running on Bio-LNG

LNG supplier, Rolande, is the first in the Netherlands to offer Bio-LNG. Both Albert Heijn and PostNL have implemented dozens of trucks that run on this fuel. Read the entire press release.

Refuelling stations in Belgium

As part of the BIOLNG4EU project, four new (Bio-)LNG refuelling stations are to be added to our network. The first BIOLNG4EU station to be realised is our new refuelling station in Antwerp where both LNG and CNG can be refuelled. Apart from the ‘installation & commissioning’, the station is ready, and we hope to be able to open soon.

Would you like to receive more information about Bio-LNG or the BIOLNG4EU project?

Please contact Karin Jansen, Business Development Manager Biofuels. Reachable via +31(0)183 – 58 34 46.