CNG + & Green gas

We have the highest quality CNG in the Netherlands. Rolande’s CNG+ will bring you up to 20% further.

Highest quality CNG in the Netherlands

Rolande supplies the highest quality CNG in the Netherlands. What does this mean? Rolande’s CNG+ will bring you up to 20% further! This, of course, requires an explanation: the CNG+ from the Rolande pump is produced by compressing and heating the liquid LNG. Since LNG consists almost entirely of methane, this is also applicable to Rolande’s CNG+. This is CNG with higher calorific value. This is in contrast to CNG that is extracted from the Dutch gas network, which is CNG with a lower calorific value and a lower energy content of up to 20%.

CNG is an ideal fuel for passenger cars and vans. Having said this, refuse collection vehicles, and city buses are also increasingly running on CNG. CNG is the cleanest fossil fuel and, like LNG, is suitable for tackling the problem surrounding our air quality at this current moment.

Niederlande € 1,519*
Deutschland € 1,369*
Belgien € 1,021*
18/06 2024
*Ohne MwSt

Can it be even greener?

Yes, it can. By making green gas from CNG+! On request, Rolande can provide green gas certificates with which your refuelled kgs have demonstrably entered the network elsewhere as biogas. Green gas has all the emission benefits of CNG in terms of particulate matter and NOx, but also provides a further reduction in Co2 emissions from 20% to more than 80%!

Curious to find out the added value that CNG offers your company?