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Transport can and must be greener, but we also want it to remain profitable, which is why Rolande is striving for the cleanest and most economically viable fuel in the transport sector. Currently, this is LNG. As a frontrunner in the LNG market, we know all the ins & outs of LNG. By managing and continuing to develop the entire chain, we can bring you further.

In 2005 we began as pioneers, which resulted in the introduction of driving on liquefied natural gas (LNG) and liquefied biogas (Bio-LNG), in Dutch and European road transport in 2010. We now have the largest LNG network and are continually developing as the market leader in LNG and Bio-LNG. We consider LNG to be the fuel that will clear the way for Bio-LNG. In light of the Climate Agreement, Co2 tax and the growing environmental awareness of consumers and companies, it is becoming increasingly important to be consciously involved in this.

  • We develop, build, and operate our own network of LNG refuelling stations in Europe.
  • We are LNG experts; this is our focus.
  • We are active in the production of Bio-LNG.
  • We support companies in their transition to LNG and Bio-LNG.
  • We were the first to introduce Bio-LNG into the Dutch market.
  • In the Netherlands, we work together with large parties such as Albert Heijn and PostNL to make the transport industry more sustainable.
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