Transport can and must become greener, but transport must also remain profitable. That is why Rolande is constantly looking for the cleanest, economically feasible fuel in the transport sector. Currently, this is LNG. As the market leader in the LNG market, we act accordingly. We do this by managing the entire chain from LNG truck to LNG fuel. This means that we know all the ins & outs of LNG. This allows us to help you along.

In 2005, we started pioneering with driving on gas. The result is that in 2010, we introduced driving on liquefied natural gas (LNG) and liquefied biogas (Bio-LNG) to Dutch and European road transport. We started as a pioneer. Now we are active in the forefront and continuously developing as the market leader in LNG and Bio-LNG.

  • We develop, build and operate our own network of LNG filling stations in Europe.
  • We are LNG experts, we don’t do anything else.
  • We are active in the production of Bio-LNG.
  • We support companies in their switch to LNG and Bio-LNG.

Front-runner in clean fuel – That’s what we work on every day!

The transport sector is responsible for a large share of CO2, NOx and particulate matter emissions. Rolande believes in a non-fossil era for trucks and sees LNG as a transition fuel that is needed to pave the way for the fossil-free Bio-LNG. In order to successfully implement both LNG and Bio-LNG in the transport sector, it is crucial that there is a solid infrastructure of LNG filling stations. That is our mission: supply the cleanest, economically feasible fuel in the transport sector.

Some of our LNG stations are co-funded by European Grant programs.


LNG is the stepping stone to Bio-LNG

LNG is a transition fuel: the first and best step to Bio-LNG. Bio-LNG is liquefied biogas. Rolande produces Bio-LNG that is produced from biogas from landfill waste, wastewater treatment plants or fermentation installations. The biogas is collected, cleaned and liquefied. This process ensures a CO₂ reduction of no less than 80% over the entire chain. The advantage? Biogas is fossil-free! This makes driving – even for heavy road transport – truly sustainable. Contrary to the production and transport of LNG, the production of Bio-LNG is new. The step towards driving on LNG and the roll-out of an international network of LNG stations is therefore a must to bring Bio-LNG on the market on a large scale.

The main advantages of Bio-LNG are;

  • It is the cleanest fuel suitable for long-distance road transport.
  • It is the only fuel that extracts CO2 from the environment over the life cycle (CO2 positive).
  • Bio-LNG can be produced locally from secondary waste streams (no impact on the food chain).
  • Bio-LNG is 100% compatible with LNG. The available LNG trucks and tank infrastructure can be used for Bio-LNG.
  • LNG and Bio-LNG trucks have a range that is comparable to diesel trucks.

Entrepreneurial We have an major drive and are not afraid to make choices. We have guts! Are creative and pragmatic at the same time. We prove that you van make money while striving for a greener world.

Forward-looking We create a greener future. Know all about trends and developments. Build a more sustainable world for tomorrow together with our customers.

Optimistic We believe that we can make an impact on a greener tomorrow. Together. With customer and employees. While moving forward.

Involved Together Eachone Achieves More. We are a real TEAM with heart for the business. We take and feel our responsibilities. We are pro-active and a trustworthy partner.

Knowledge Together we know more. That’s why we love to share our knowledge. We are critical by nature: we want to understand things. We look beyond the obvious and go the extra mile.

Ambitious As an ambitious organization we matter in our business. We are proud of what we do and who we are! We want the grow, and concur the world one country at the time.

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