G&V Energy Group and Rolande open their first LNG station in Belgium

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The Dutch LNG market leader Rolande, opens their first LNG station in Belgium together with partner G&V Energy Group. The partners join forces to be able to create a covering LNG network in Belgium. The years of experience of Rolande and the strategical network of G&V combined, makes it possible to move forward fast. The first LNG station is situated on the right bank of the Antwerp harbor (Kaai 528 Noorderlaan B-2030).

Tankstation LNG Antwerpen

Sustainability and profitability go hand in hand

“We believe that transport can and needs to be more sustainable and more profitable at the same time! We strive to provide our customers with the cleanest, economically most feasible fuel of the moment: LNG and Bio-LNG. Due to the fact that we control the entire chain, offer European coverage and keep developing continuously, we truly help our customers moving forward. In the area of sustainability and profitability.” According to Jolon van der Schuit (CEO Rolande). “In succession to the Netherlands and Germany where we opened our first LNG station next month, we now also entered the Belgium market. This way we make important steps to create a full covering European LNG network that is necessary to put (Bio-) LNG as a fuel even more firmly on the map. Because of our partnership with G&V our customers van also use the strategic locations of G&V in Belgium. New LNG stations in Habay and Waregem are on the roadmap! Both G&V and Rolande want to play an important role in the transition to alternative fuels. We both live to make thing happen in stead of continue talking about them, work well with short communication lines and put our customers first. That is the reason why our partnership turns out this good.”

“Changing market conditions are no threat to us. We see them as challenges.” According to Xavier Dewulf (CEO G&V Energy Group). “Thanks to joint-venture and longterm partnerships with strategic partners such as Rolande within the joint-venture LNG. Solutions Belgium, we have grown to be a referential company within the industry on the area of sustainability. Because of this, we can offer our CAPS Full Card customers – besides traditional fuels – alternatives such as CNG, LNG and electric charging stations.” 

Part of European CEF-program

The new Antwerp station is part of the BIOLNG4EU project, that is 50% co-financed from the Connecting Europe Facility program and stimulated the further roll-out of (Bio-)LNG in roadtransport. As part of this project, Rolande invests in the production of Bio-LNG and opens four new stations for Bio-LNG blends in the Netherlands and Belgium. The Antwerp station is the first of these four stations that are planned for the upcoming period.

LNG dispenser Rolande

About Rolande and (Bio-)LNG

Rolande, located in Tilburg, is a pioneer and frontrunner in the area of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). The focus lies on making road transport more sustainable and contributing to a greener world. The last couple of years ‘liquefied natural gas’ has been put on the map as a sustainable and profitable alternative. Rolande develops, builds and exploits a network of (Bio-)LNG stations in Europe. Now the counter is up to 15 stations.

Since 2011 LNG is available as fuel for trucks. With this fuels CO2-emissions can be reduces to 17% in comparison to diesel. By extracting LNG out of biogas, we create Bio-LNG. With this new and biological fuel heavy road transport reduces 99,8% CO2-emissions compared to diesel Euro 6 engines.

About G&V Energy Group

G&V Energy Group is a fastgrowinq and relatie Young Belgium company active in the gas stations market, with an eye for sustainability. Because of the strategic take-over of the network of Esso stations in the Brussels, Hengouwen and Vlaanderen region in 2012 and 2013 the company has grown to be the largest independent player in the Belgium market. Today they exploit more than 200 gasstations and 26 shops as part of the G&V brand as well as the brands Esso, Shell, Total, Q8, ENORA (CNG) and Breakpoint. An other important pillar within the G&V Energy Group is the CAPS Fuel Card multibrand with its own platform on which customers can manage their fleet and reduce administration of exise and tax claims. Because of the collaboration with partner networks G&V offers her customers a network of more than 2000 gasstations in the Benelux and France.

Info: www.g-v.be / www.caps.be.