G&V Energy Group and Rolande open their fourth LNG filling station in Belgium in Waregem

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With the station in Waregem, G&V Energy Group, the largest independent player in the Belgian filling station market, and Rolande, market leader in LNG in the Netherlands, are today opening their fourth LNG filling station in Belgium. With this and the other stations in Antwerp, Habay and Meer, the partners are working towards a comprehensive LNG network in Belgium. “An important step in making freight transport more sustainable.”

“We believe in ‘greening’ transport. That is essential for a better world,” according to Jolon van der Schuit, CEO of Rolande. “LNG is a step in that, but we want to move on to Bio-LNG as soon as possible. That will mean a saving for heavy road transport of up to almost 100% in CO2 emissions compared to traditional diesel. That is what drives us to continue expanding our network.”

Main North-South traffic axis

At the request of quite a few large haulage customers, and following the location in Meer, we have realised this location in Waregem.  “This location is on the main North-South traffic axis for transit transport through Belgium,” said Xavier Dewulf, CEO of G&V Energy Group. “It is the only motorway that has no restrictions for lorries in either direction. To make the switch to sustainable transport even easier for our customers, some major new locations are planned this year and next, including Zellik, which will open later this year.”

The new station is a public 24/7 self-service station with two liquefied natural gas (LNG) pumps.

Anzegemseweg 14
8790 Waregem