HVO: a sustainable diesel alternative

HVO is a sustainable alternative to diesel: it’s fossil-free and can reduce carbon emissions by up to 90% compared to conventional diesel. You can fill up your trusted diesel truck with HVO at dozens of locations throughout the Netherlands, using your trusted Rolande fuel card. Not only is HVO a fossil-free alternative to regular diesel, it’s also very accessible. By switching to HVO, your organisation can get started on the transition to sustainable transport today, even without investing in new trucks.

The green way or no way

We believe that transport could and should be more sustainable. Achieving international sustainability objectives is a good goal, but in the end it’s about making the planet a healthier place. We’re always looking for new alternatives to fossil fuels to help your organisation go green. And for new fossil-free, affordable opportunities to help your organisation embrace sustainability.

Vehicles powered by electricity and hydrogen will make a huge difference in the future, but hydrogen is still very much in its infancy and the underlying technology is still being developed. And while you’ve probably seen more and more EVs on the road, the technology and infrastructure are still in urgent need of further development. With HVO, you can drive real sustainable change today. The same goes for Bio-LNG. By making the most of scalable and affordable opportunities together, we can make the journey to zero emissions one mile at a time. 

This is HVO

HVO is short fort Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil. It’s made from residual vegetable oils and oil waste, like old frying oil, which is processed with hydrogen, or hydrotreated, so that it can be used as fuel. The end product is very similar to fossil diesel, without actually containing any fossil materials!

While there are various blends of HVO, Rolande has chosen to only offer HVO100, the only completely fossil-free type.


The new renewable fuel industry has to be entirely transparent and proper oversight is key. That’s the only way that vendors can guarantee that waste is reused correctly and that their products make a real contribution to reducing carbon emissions and building a more sustainable society. That’s why Rolande buys its HVO from ISCC-certified partners. As a result, we can rest assured that both the product and the vendor meet sustainable production, management, traceability and greenhouse gas reduction requirements.

The benefits of HVO

  • 100% fossil-free
  • Compatible with the diesel truck you’re driving right now (with EURO 6 diesel engine), comparable range
  • Up to 90% reduction of carbon emissions
  • Lower nitrous oxide (NOx) and particulate matter emissions

Your path to a sustainable fleet

You can already find HVO at dozens of locations throughout the Netherlands; we thereby provide a covering network. Currently, you can use your Rolande card to fill up with HVO at partner locations, but we’re also investing in our own infrastructure, so it won’t be long before HVO makes its way to our own Rolande filling stations.

You can use your Rolande fuel card for various sustainable fuels, such as HVO, LNG and Bio-LNG. We’re also working on installing charging stations for electric trucks at our filling stations. There’s no denying that Rolande is the premiere partner for sustainable carriers and shippers.

Eager to join us on the road to zero emissions but don’t have a Rolande fuel card yet?

Switch to fossil-free road transport and contribute to a cleaner world today

Rolande is your partner who can map out the path to fossil-free, CO2-neutral transport together with you. We help you achieve your sustainability goals. And with sustainable fuel for your fleet. Are you curious about how we can help your organization?