Malfunction and/or maintenance

On this page you will find an up-to-date overview of the operation of the Rolande filling stations. If a filling station unexpectedly breaks down, we will inform our customers as soon as possible by e-mail. Would you like to be kept informed of a malfunction, but do not receive an email? Please send an email to

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Rolande filling stationsStatus LNGStatus CNG
Stations in The Netherlands
Rolande Alkmaar🟒 
Rolande Bodegraven🟒 
Rolande Duiven🟒 
Rolande Geldermalsen🟒 
Rolande Heerenveen🟒 
Rolande Heteren🟒 
Rolande Nieuwegein🟒 
Rolande Oude TongeπŸ”΄πŸŸ’ 
Rolande Rotterdam (Botlek)🟒 
Rolande Tilburg🟒🟒 
Rolande UtrechtπŸ”΄πŸŸ’ 
Rolande Veghel🟒🟒 
Rolande Zaandam (not public)🟒 
Stations in Germany
Rolande Dortmund🟒 
Rolande Duisburg🟒 
Rolande Grasdorf🟒 
Rolande Hamburg🟒 
Rolande Himmelkron🟒 
Rolande LΓΌbeck🟒 
Rolande Ulm🟒🟒 
Rolande Ziesar🟒 
Stations in Belgium
Rolande Antwerpen🟒🟒 
Rolande Habay🟒🟒 
Rolande Meer🟒 
Rolande Waregem🟒 
Rolande Zellik🟒 

Updated 12-07-2024.