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Rolande vlogs! Milou talks to Leila about our growing network. Since 2009, Rolande has been working on a comprehensive, international network. And in 2022, at least ten new stations will be added! There are also various partner stations where you can fill up with the Rolande fuel card. Leila explains the importance of this in achieving 100% CO2 emission free driving. With Rolande, you can easily travel throughout Europe, from Gothenburg to Gibraltar.

From LNG to Bio-LNG

By setting up a comprehensive network of LNG stations, Rolande is taking a step towards phasing out the fossil fuels in heavy duty transport. LNG is a more sustainable alternative to diesel, and with the introduction of Bio-LNG, emission-free heavy road transport is within reach. Because LNG and Bio-LNG both consist of almost 100% methane and are in essence the same product, we can already offer a blend with the desired percentage of LNG and Bio-LNG. This way, you can achieve your organisation’s sustainability ambitions step by step by 2030!

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