(Re)fueling instructions

(Re)fueling instructions

The Dutch regulations on the education and training of Bio-LNG truck drivers have changed. The truck driver’s employer is responsible for the safe refueling of Bio-LNG. Because we think safety in and at the station is very important, we gladly think along with you.

  • Rolande-days at our stations: What are the most important things to pay attention to when refueling Bio-LNG? During the Rolande days, a fuel expert is present to explain and demonstrate the process of refueling. The truck driver can ask all his/her questions to the fuel expert. Other than that, we make sure that it is a festive day!
  • Please note that the driver should come to the location with a Bio-LNG truck and Personal Protective Equipment (safety glasses, special gloves, long sleeves and pants and closed shoes). If the driver wishes to refuel during or after the fuel expert’s explanation, he/she should bring a fuel card that is accepted at the station. Of course, the station will remain easily accessible and we will make sure that drivers who do not in need of an refueling demonstration, are not hindered.
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  • Attend a customized tank training course, entirely tailored to your needs. Do you have your own trainers that you want to offer an additional training or refresher course? That is also possible. Request a quote via the button below.

Do you have a question about tank training courses? Call us a call via +31 (0)85 081 33 00 or email to info@rolandelng.com

Online training refueling Bio-LNG: under construction

We are currently working on an enhanced online refueling instruction training to ensure drivers can get on the road safely and green.

In the meantime, if you are curious how to refuel Bio-LNG, watch this vlog. Step by step it is explained how it’s done. From presenting your fuel card to attaching the nozzle to the Bio-LNG-truck. After returning everything to its place, you will be on your way again quickly!