Rolande expands further with Bio-LNG filling station in Heteren

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On 16 May 2023 Rolande has opened a new filling station at the Poort van Midden Gelderland business park, which is a strategic location situated on the A50 near Heteren, Arnhem and Wageningen. This filling station is particularly focused on Bio-LNG for heavy road transport. This brings the total number of stations to 25, and supports Rolande in taking another major step in making road transport more sustainable.

The construction of this filling station is part of the BioLNG4EU project, subsidized by the European Union from the CEF program. Jolon van der Schuit, CEO at Rolande: ‘The expansion of our network is important for making freight transport more sustainable. Bio-LNG is a completely fossil-free and circular product. It saves up to 100 percent CO2 emissions when compared to diesel. By making Bio-LNG transport possible on a larger scale, together with our customers we are contributing to the European Commission’s goal of this sector operating in a climate neutral way by 2030.’

In order to allow the share of Bio-LNG to grow even faster and subsequently reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, Rolande is working on several projects to produce regional Bio-LNG under its own management. This is also part of project BIOLNG4EU.

Added value

The new LNG filling station in Heteren is an important expansion of the national network of LNG filling stations. It is strategically located on a number of important transport routes, and it naturally encourages nearby companies to take their initial steps towards sustainability in their fleet as well.

Network coverage for Bio-LNG in the Netherlands

Rolande Heteren, at Muskushouwsestraat 1B, is Rolande’s 14th Dutch location. There is already a bp filling station on the same site where passenger cars and trucks can refuel petrol or diesel. The self-service station of Rolande is open between 6:00 AM and 11:00 PM 7 days a week, and there are two LNG pumps available.