Rolande opens its eighth Bio-LNG filling station in Germany in Himmelkron, near Bayreuth

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  • Located directly on the A9 interstate highway running from Munich to Berlin
  • Major step in advancing carbon neutrality in north-south freight transport

Rolande, pioneer and expert in sustainable road transport with a focus on Bio-LNG (Bio-liquefied natural gas), has opened a new Bio-LNG filling station in Himmelkron, located near the town of Bayreuth in Bavaria. Trucks can now refuel Bio-LNG at one of the station’s two pumps, thus reducing their carbon emissions. The filling station is conveniently located on a key north-south route running from Scandinavia to the Mediterranean Sea. The location at Frankenring 4b on the A9 highway between Munich and Berlin represents the most significant addition to Rolande’s public network of Bio-LNG filling stations in Germany.

The recently opened filling station is Rolande’s eighth Bio-LNG station in Germany. As with previous locations, Rolande leased the site from IDS (International Diesel Service), a European provider of fuel and fuel cards. The public, self-service filling station in Himmelkron, Bavaria, is accessible around the clock, underscoring the potential of Bio-LNG as an environmentally friendly fuel alternative. With its wide entrances and exits, making it ideal for heavy trucks, the station offers users a comfortable fueling experience. Its avant-garde design is specifically geared to the needs of Bio-LNG-powered trucks. Rolande’s stations are helping expand Germany’s network of Bio-LNG stations, which currently comprises 157 public filling stations according to the German Energy Agency (DENA). In addition, Rolande is positioning itself as a strategic partner for CO2 reduction in heavy road transport.

In opening the Himmelkron station, Rolande has intensified its efforts to establish a pan-European Bio-LNG network. The Bio-LNG provider already operates a closely knit network of filling stations across the Netherlands and Belgium and aims to add more stations in Germany. In doing so, Rolande will continue adhering to its expansion strategy in order to optimize the accessibility of LNG and Bio-LNG for transport companies, and plans to invest consistently in the expansion of filling stations in these three countries.

According to Jolon van der Schuit, CEO of LNG pioneer Rolande, “Bio-LNG is the perfect fuel for heavy trucks. It reduces carbon emissions by up to 100% compared with diesel fuel and is fully traceable. Bio LNG offers other advantages too. Using local waste streams promotes a circular economy, the range of Bio-LNG-fueled vehicles is comparable with traditional fuels, and fast refueling times enable efficiency in day-to-day transport operations.”