Sustainable fuel

The transport market is changing. We know that transport can and must be greener. After 100 years of use, diesel is increasingly being replaced by alternative, cleaner fuels. We consider LNG to be the fuel that will clear the way for Bio-LNG.



Bio-LNG is a 100% organic fuel produced from certified waste streams such as organic household waste, sludge, manure, or agricultural waste. A Co2 reduction of up to 100% can be achieved with Bio-LNG!



LNG is liquefied natural gas, which has an extremely low temperature. Because of this, the volume of natural gas is reduced by 600 times, making it an ideal fuel for the transport sector. Driving on LNG is cleaner, quieter, and cheaper and does not forfeit the benefits of a regular truck.


Rolande supplies the highest quality CNG in the Netherlands. But what does this mean? Rolande’s CNG+ will bring you up to 20% further!


Every day the current fuel prices of CNG and LNG are updated by Rolande in the Netherlands.

Fuel card

To be able to refuel LNG, Bio-LNG or CNG at Rolande, you will need a Rolande fuel card, free of charge. Our fuel card is also valid at a large number of LNG refuelling stations from other providers. Carefree refuelling with just one fuel card!

Refueling instructions

In Europe, it is mandatory to comply with and follow the refueling instructions. The instructions can be followed via our online training or by appointment. Upon successfully obtaining the certificate, the driver is permitted to refuel safely and independently.

Rolande refueling instructions

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