The role of LNG on the way to low-emmission logistics

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Interview with German newspaper TRANSPORT and our CEO Jolon van der Schuit.

The transport market is changing. We know that transport can and must be greener. After 100 years of use, diesel is increasingly being replaced by alternative, cleaner fuels. Rolande is convinced that Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is the most sustainable and economical alternative to diesel. We consider LNG to be the fuel that will clear the way for Bio-LNG.

Jolon:”In the Netherlands we are already operating 13 filling stations over several years, in Belgium we opened our first one in the port of Antwerp in August. Our focus for new stations in the coming years will mainly be on Germany and Belgium. But we are constantly exploring new opportunities for other countries in Southern and Eastern Europe. We also work closely with partners in Europe, for example in France and Spain. Our mission is to expand our filling station network throughout Europe to ensure that it is possible to travel from northern Sweden to southern Spain in an environmentally friendly way, without having to look for an LNG/CNG filling station. We also want to work with strategic partners from the biogas sector across Europe to ensure that the switch from fossil fuels to sustainable fuels is pushed forward.”

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