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Rolande Vlogs

Vlog #1 What is LNG?

What is LNG? Milou is joined by Peter Hendrickx to explain what LNG exactly is, and what the benefits are of driving an LNG truck.

Vlog #2 Why LNG?

What are other important benefits of switching to an LNG truck? And what are the advantages of using LNG as a transportation fuel? Together with LNG expert Peter Hendrickx, Milou explains why switching to LNG is the best choice.

Vlog #3 LNG Station Tour

Take a look at our LGN filling station and learn where to find everything. In this vlog Milou shows, with the help of LNG expert Peter Hendrickx, how a Rolande LNG filling station looks like and how it works.

Vlog #4 Tank instruction part 1: Safety

Why is it required to follow a tank instruction before being able to refuel LNG independently? LNG expert Peter Hendrickx explains the importance of the fuel instruction in terms of safety.

Vlog #5 Electric, hydrogen or LNG?

What is the most sustainable solution for heavy road transport? Milou talks to LNG expert Peter Hendrickx about LNG being the best alternative to diesel at this moment.

Vlog #6 Bio-LNG, what is it?

What exactly is bio-LNG? Herbert talks to Milou about this subject. Bio-LNG is created from excisting waste streams, which can’t be used for other purposes. Because of this, bio-LNG creates a substantial reduction in CO2 emission. 

Vlog #7 Why Bio-LNG?

Together with Milou, Herbert explains the advantages of switching to a waste-produced fuel, Bio-LNG. Switching to Bio-LNG as heavy-duty road transport fuel does not only contribute to a circular economy, it also reduces CO₂ emissions. Furthermore, there are already numerous (Bio-)LNG blends available, which makes it possible to start your journey to emission free driving today.

Vlog #8 About Rolande

In this vlog, Leila explains the mission of Rolande, and how we want to achieve a CO2 emissions free future.

Vlog #9 Our network

Milou talks to Leila about our growing network. Since 2009, Rolande has been working on a comprehensive, international network. In addition to our own stations, there are also various partner stations where you can refuel with the Rolande fuel card. Leila explains the importance of this in achieving 100% CO2 emission free driving.

Vlog #10 Driving on (Bio-)LNG

Gas only for cooking? Absolutely not! Liquefied Natural Gas is actually a very comfortable and sustainable way of driving a heavy duty truck. In this vlog, Milou is joined by an experienced and satisfied driver, Bianca Tuss of Cornelissen Groep. She explains how she got into driving heavy duty trucks, and how driving on (Bio-)LNG is more pleasant, compared to other alternatives.

Vlog #11 Working at Rolande

In the series Working at Rolande, each episode Milou speaks with a colleague from the Rolande team and hears their stories about their job in the company. This episode, Milou talks to Irma, who makes sure all customers can drive their green miles with a Rolande fuel card.

Vlog #12 Working at Rolande

Let’s talk to the people that make Rolande. In this video Milou talks to Jan who is responsible for procurement, contracts and strategic supplier management.

Vlog #13 Working at Rolande

From the head office in Tilburg, the Netherlands Milou talks to the people that make Rolande. In this video Milou talks to Pieter who connects different departments within Rolande and makes sure every department stays operational.

Vlog #14 Our way to emission zero

Let’s talk about the mission of Rolande. In this video Milou talks to Jolon who is the CEO of Rolande and tells you more about what Rolande does and why.

Vlog #15 How to build an LNG station

In this video Milou talks to Sander who makes sure that the Rolande network actually gets there. He explains how to build an LNG station from scratch.

Vlog #16 Working at Rolande

In this series Milou talks to the people that make Rolande. In this video, Milou talks to Manon who makes sure to help every customer and puts the customers first.

Vlog #17 Tank instruction part 2: refuelling

In this video Milou talks to Bianca who is driving on LNG daily. Bianca explains step by step how it’s done. From presenting your fuel card, to attaching the nozzle to the (Bio-)LNG-truck. After returning everything to its place, you will be on your way again quickly!

Vlog #18 Behind the scenes

Take a look behind the scenes of our videos and see for yourself how much fun we had shooting the videos.

The Green Way or No Way

In the series ‘The Green Way or No Way Talks – powered by Rolande’, we discuss Bio-LNG and making transportation more sustainable.

Sustainability and transportation
In this video, Peter Leegstraten (Manager Transport Expertise at Albert Heijn) and Mark van der Drift (CEO at Cornelissen Transport) give their views on sustainability and transport. How does Bio-LNG contribute to achieving Albert Heijn’s sustainability goals? What is their vision on the future of transport? And what does the use of Bio-LNG mean for Cornelissen, one of the major transporters providing transport for Albert Heijn? In a frank conversation, Peter and Mark provide insights into the pros and cons of Bio-LNG and give their views on developments in the market.

About Bio-LNG
In this video, we discuss Bio-LNG with Karin Jansen and Bouk van den Dungen (Rolande). A fully biological fuel made from (ISCC) certified waste streams, such as organic household waste, manure, sludge or agricultural waste. Bio-LNG is commercially available and helps carriers make heavy road transport more sustainable. A 99.8% reduction in CO2 emissions can be achieved with the use of Bio-LNG.

Scania’s vision on LNG and Bio-LNG
In this video, Hans Binnendijk (Product Manager at Scania) and Nico van der Klugt (Press & Corporate Communications Officer at Scania) discuss Scania’s vision for LNG and Bio-LNG. Why are they, as 1 of 3 truck brands, developing LNG trucks? How do they look at this changing market and what developments do they see in the industry?

Future of transportation
In this video, Jolon van der Schuit (CEO at Rolande) and Frans van der Harst (Managing Director at Rotterdam Port Fund) give their views on the future of transport. As a pioneer and market leader, Rolande has been investing in making the transport market more sustainable for over 10 years through its focus on LNG and the initiated transition to Bio-LNG. Rotterdam Port Fund has been involved as an investor in realizing Rolande’s expansion ambitions since 2019. The video discusses Rolande’s ambition and making transport more sustainable and shows why Rotterdam Port Fund considers this development so important that they want to contribute as an investor.

Changes within the transportation industry
In the meanwhile, IVECO trucks are running on a Bio-LNG blend. IVECO is 1 of the 3 truck brands making LNG trucks. In this video Joep van Aar (Director Key Accounts at IVECO) and Loek Vroon (Operational Director at IVECO) give their vision on the changes within the transport industry. What do they see happening in the field of sustainability and why has IVECO as a brand committed to LNG and Bio-LNG?

Making transportation more sustainable
In this video, Nienke Nijhuis (Manager Sustainability at PostNL) and Marlies Janssen – Herraets (Manager Transport at PostNL) give their views on making transport more sustainable. PostNL has been deploying trucks running on Bio-LNG blend since early 2020. With the use of Bio-LNG, a 99.8% reduction in CO2-emissions can be achieved. In the video we discuss PostNL’s sustainability goals and ambitions and the role Bio-LNG plays in this.

Bio-LNG and sustainability
In this episode, Robert Goevaers (Chairman at LNG Platform Netherlands) discusses trends and developments in the industry regarding Bio-LNG and sustainability. The role of the government in greening transport is also discussed in detail.

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